Global Translations

Let Foreign Languages Open Your Doors to Cooperation

Global Translations offer full range translation and interpreting services.

Taiwan can not be absent from today's globalization trend. Only through knowledge of the current international technology and society trend can we be prepared when opportunity knocks.

Over the course of globalization, Global Translations offer the service of prompt transformations from foreign languages into understandable ones for our clients. Clients will then be ready to seize opportunities in the market, gain advantage in the competitive world as well as follow global market trends. We at Global Translations feel this is our responsibility and mission.

Translation is a professional job, and the quality of the translated work is especially important. In today's high education and ever-learning society, Global Translations gathered a team of linguistic talents from the society. Through professional division of tasks, Global Translations act as a strong back-up for government agencies, private corporations and individual clients.

Philosophy of Global Translations

Treated Diligently for a Classic Job

Global Translations cherish every entrusted job. Superior quality and personalized service is our constant management philosophy. We have great passion in translation, step after step, we control our quality and provide reliable services to our clients, so they can enjoy stable growth.

We treat each job like a challenge equal to that of walking on a thin ice. Our outstanding team of translators strives on each endeavor, stringently maintaining the accuracy of the output language, polishing the words and phrases, maintaining consistency, logic and fluency of the translation, in order to provide true translation services.

Service Team

Professional, Dedicated, Friendly

Global Translations maintain a philosophy of global connection. We've gathered a number of passionate translating and interpreting professionals, including overseas graduates from Europe and America with professional knowledge in their respective fields, as well as foreign individuals to assist government agencies and corporations in obtaining current market information without the limits of foreign language. Through these resources, our clients can further expand their international activities.

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